Health & Safety

We hold the safety of our team and those working around them at the heart of everything we do. 

We will comply with all current and relevant legislation and codes of practice. We will also actively seek to reduce the risk of incidents, dangerous occurrences and hazards to health and safety.

We will make adequate financial provisions in order to meet these requirements, and promote safe working practices by:

  • As far as practicable, make the working environment safe and without risks.
  • Control such hazards that cannot be completely eliminated, by making available such protective clothing and equipment to protect against those hazards.
  • To provide training, instruction, information and supervision, in order to achieve safe working practices, thereby ensuring the safety and health of all employees.
  • Encourage involvement of all employees in the Company’s efforts to promote the Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • To consider the risks to persons, not employed by the Company, who may be affected directly or indirectly, by the Company’s operations, with the same care and attention as is given to the Company’s employees.
  • Ensure that hazards are identified, risks are assessed and safe systems of work are applied.Ensure that regular reviews of procedures and instructions are carried out and revised as appropriate, in accordance with knowledge and changing circumstances.

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