As a worldwide business, we have a global responsibility

We pride ourselves on being environmentally focused, adopting greener ethics in everything do, ensuring our impact remains minimal while maximising our benefit to the world around us.

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Few things are more important than the sustainability of our natural world. As a global leader within our industry, we’ve taken every consideration to ensure our processes, activities and the materials we use in our products’ manufacture do not compromise our commitment to leaving the planet a cleaner, better place for future generations.

Our environmental management system ensures we always have an up-to-date legal register to ensure we remain legally compliant with UK Law. In doing so, we’re not only able to maintain our own high standards of environmental responsibility, we’re also helping our customers and the people we work with to do the same.

We’re continuously working to protect our environment in the following ways.

Reducing emissions and material waste

We are making great efforts to prevent pollution by continually monitoring and reducing the number of carbon emissions we emit as a company. We are also working to reduce material wastage, as well as our usage of natural resources, through improved waste management practices.

Raising awareness

We encourage a company-wide awareness of all our environmental responsibilities, educating and training staff to enforce policies relating to our environmental objectives actively.

Assisting in investigations

Accidents do happen, so we make it our responsibility to assist in the investigation of any environmental incidents in which our company is involved — including incidents that take place on customer sites.

Minimising noise and other nuisances

As a responsible manufacturer, we are conscious of the impact our activities can have on surrounding areas. To that end, we endeavour to reduce noise pollution across all our operations and other nuisances where possible.

Rethinking the way we use and reuse

Our operations are managed to ensure our clients get the most out of our products and services, without using more resources.

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, we are continually working to limit and refine our consumption of materials in every aspect of our operation. By cultivating ethical practices across our teams and within our processes, encouraging re-use, recycling and the use of recycled materials where possible, we are making real reductions in production waste year-on-year.

Our efforts in recycling and responsible
waste management

Partnering with ethical suppliers

We favour suppliers who remove packaging as part of their supply contract and obligations, operating according to sound environmental principles.

Using recycled materials

We encourage the purchase of recycled and recyclable materials, supported by a waste management strategy that accommodates recycling procedures and initiatives.

Disposing of materials responsibly 

When disposal is the only option, we will seek to dispose of materials in an environmentally sensitive manner, carefully monitoring the volume of waste sent to landfill and the recycled volume.

Promoting a culture of awareness

We provide guidance and training that facilitates staff participation in all recycling and waste minimisation initiatives within the company.

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