Health & Safety

Being leaders in our industry means putting people first

We understand that safety underpins all operations within our industry, which is why the welfare of our staff, suppliers
and customers must always come first.

Worker health, safety and wellbeing are essential to us. So is the welfare of our suppliers, partners and customers around the world. That’s why we put as much effort into our safeguarding practices as everything else — applying the same care and attention to maintaining healthy working conditions as is given to making products that are safe for our staff and customers to use.

QMS encourages a company-wide promotion of the Health and Safety at Work Act. For us, this constitutes a balance of remaining compliant with UK Law and actively enforcing, revising and upholding our own moral obligation to the welfare of everybody working with us. We are also certified members of Avetta, which enables us to effectively minimise risk across all operations within our global supply chain.

QMS Health & Safety On Site

Our dedication to workplace safety

Training and development

We provide training, instruction and supervision to achieve safe workplace practices. Our service personnel are fully trained with appropriate certification including: safety passports, management of lifting operations, welding procedures, compressed gases, access platforms, LGV class C+E and Knuckle boom (Hiab) operation.

Incident reporting and investigation

Accidents can happen in all challenging work environments, so we make it our responsibility to investigate all incidents, introducing further control measures to prevent future risk where necessary.

Assessment of risk and system application

Full method statements and risk assessments are prepared for every job undertaken, ensuring hazards are identified, reduced and safe systems of work are applied as and where necessary. Insurance certificates and equipment test certificates are all provided.

Broader accountability

As part of our broader commitment to safety, we consider the ways our day-to-day operations may directly or indirectly affect non-employees, such as our partners, affiliates and customers, and work to minimise risks as much as possible.

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